Minutes of October 15 HPAAC Board meeting at Tilden Community Center 6:30 pm.  Members  present: Susan Zinschlag, Deb Saunders, Mark Borchardt, Diane Saed, Matt Schneider-Adams, Bill Spinelli, Dick Graham, Ann Sylvander

  1. The meeting was called to order by Dick Graham at 6:35 pm. Dick noted that two additional board members could be nominated.
  1. Diane Saed reported on the Third Annual HPAAC Gala held on Friday October 10. She was very pleased with the event—the silent auction, food, organization went well. She estimated that around 195 people paid full price for the gala. The total bill for food and linens was around 5400.00. The total income will probably be about 25,000.
  1. The minutes of the September Annual meeting were approved. Diane Saed made a motion, Susan Zinschlag seconded the motion.
  1. At the annual meeting, there was a discussion about hiring a bookkeeper to assist Mark Borchardt for about five hours per month at $20.00/hour. Ann Sylvander and Libby Ungar have been asked to share bookkeeping responsibilities and they will decide and let the board know. Dick and Mark will develop a contract for this work. A motion was made by Bill Spinelli to approve the bookkeeping arrangement; Matt Schneider-Adams seconded the motion which was approved.
  1. Bill Spinelli reported the early results of the community gathering discussion about HPAAC. At the gathering, three questions were asked of the entire group, who were arranged at different tables in small groups to discuss the questions and document the answers. It was these answers that Bill read and arranged.  Bill will continue to study the information and then will focus on themes that emerge. The initial themes that were found centered on different types of capital in the community.How do the arts affect our community? Arts bring into the community human capital and also social capital. The arts in Hastings and Prescott bring connections to community members. Civic capital also is raised when the arts are present, for the arts improve the economy of the community. “Stops urban blight” is something Bill had not heard before in relation to Hastings and Prescott, but it was in the discussion.              How has HPAAC brought arts to the community? Through programs, Black Dirt Theater, Orange Dragon Gallery, River Valley Band, Art in the Garden, the gala, classes. HPAAC provides a forum for all types of artists to meet. People are excited about the investment HPAAC is making in our community.      What Should HPAAC do in the future? Should HPAAC be a catalyst for change by bringing programs and events to Hastings, or should HPAAC be responsive to community’s desires? Does HPAAC facilitate process but not manage it? HPAAC can act as fiscal agents for organizations, and maintain core activates of membership and the gala. Need staff that tends to details. Bill would like to sort out information and comments and send to HPAAC board for further comments.  Diane Saed suggested that Bill talk to the Hastings Star Gazette at some point along the way.  The ultimate goal would be to summarize and make steps to finalize this strategic plan by the annual meeting in September.

Matt Schneider-Adams commented on the continuum of bringing the arts to a community versus facilitating what is going on in a community—being responsive as opposed to planning.  Might be a mix, and a balance.

  1. Artspace Update—the presentation to HEDRA by Artspace will take place either in December or January. Before the presentation, HPAAC will have a briefing with Artspace.
  1. Dick Graham talked about planning for Executive Director. He proposed that interested board members meet with staff at Springboard for the Arts to learn about different needs and ways to hire and maintain an executive director. Does HPAAC need a certain amount of money, a contract, space? Bill Spinelli, Deb Saunders and Matt Schneider-Adams were interested in this. Dick Graham will contact Springboard for the Arts.
  1. Bill Spinelli made a motion to pay $275 to the River Valley Band for Copper Street Brass Quintet Workshop and concert on October 23. Ann Sylvander seconded the motion and vote was passed.
  1. As far as forums go, Black Dirt Theater has not used much of the money allocated for them by HPAAC in 2013-14. The music forum used most of the $2500. The Writing and Literature Forum did not use any of their money.  The Visual Art Forum used some of their money.  Diane Saed reported that there will be a poetry reading in conjunction with the Visual Art Forum.  Since Sarah Lockwood is no longer on the board, Deb Saunders said she would act as temporary Music Forum leader. Mary Jonikas will act as temporary Visual Arts Forum leader.
  2. Ann Sylvander reported that several people expressed interest in memberships at the gala.
  3. The board approved a motion to use the Give to the Max Day on November 14. Deb Saunders will develop a simple campaign for Give to the Max Day. Bill Spinelli made the motion, Mark Borchardt seconded it and the motion was approved.
  4. 12.A Gala de-briefing meeting will be held on November 7 at the Green Mill.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Saunders


The Copper Street Brass Quintet will perform with the River Valley Band and the Hastings High School Band on Thursday, October 23 at 7 pm at the Hastings High School Auditorium.  Tickets are $6 at the door.  To bring the Copper Street Brass Quintet to Hastings, the River Valley Band raised money using GoFundMe. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please go to RiverValleyBand Go Fund Me .copperstreetbrassquintet


FREEDOM PARK PHOTOHidden Heritage of the Great Rivers Confluence

Great Rivers Confluence Symposium October 23, 2014

Experience the Hidden Heritage of the Great Rivers Confluence in beautiful Afton, MN.

Afton’s historical and cultural resources form the essential building blocks for a healthy

community in which to live, work, and play all seasons of the year.

When: Thursday, October 23 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Where: Afton House Inn, 3291 South St. Croix Trail, Afton, MN 55001

  • Hear how partnerships – essential tools for sound economies – have spurred growth in Afton and how you can further use them in your business and community.
  • Learn about the proposed National Heritage Area “North Woods and Waters of the St. Croix”: a vision for a future where history forms the basis for regional cooperation and growth in the St. Croix River watershed and potential benefits from official designation.
  • Network with parks and nature experts, artists, historians, business owners and community leaders
  • Take home ideas for additional marketing opportunities with the Great Rivers Confluence collaboration
  • And much more!



HPAAC Announces Arts Heroes for the 2014 Gallery Gala

HPAAC is delighted to announce the Arts Heroes for the 2014 Gallery Gala to be held on Friday, October 10 at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Hall in Hastings, Minnesota.

Lin and Kathy Warren are both teachers in the Hastings School District–Lin Warren teaches choral music at the Hastings Senior High School, while Kathy teaches Instrumental Music at the Hastings Middle School. Together Kathy and Lin have instilled in countless Hastings students a knowledge and appreciation of music for almost 30 years.  Kathyandlin4

Tom Blanck, a retired architect, and his wife Linda Bjorkland, a retired teacher from the Minneapolis School District, are artists in Prescott who have contributed greatly to the cultural life of Prescott. Each Thursday, Tom and Linda host the Little Colony Painters Group at the United Congregational Church in Prescott.


This year, both HPAAC and the Hastings Area Rotary Club are sponsoring the Gallery Gala.

Dick Graham talks about what HPAAC stands for


Dick Graham was recently asked what HPAAC stands for. The letters HPAAC are an acronym for the Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council.  Our president, Dick Graham, talks about what our organization stands for, or, our mission.  Debbie Saunders


LEDUCESTATE Calling all writers!  You don’t need to be an experienced writer; you just need the desire to write and hone your skills.  Facilitated by Diane Saed, the Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council (HPAAC) writers group meets from 6:30 to 8:15 pm on the first Tuesday of each month at the LeDuc Historic Estate. Admission is free for HPAAC members and a free-will donation will be accepted from others.

Writers are encouraged to bring reading suggestions, share their writing and discuss the positives and negatives they have encountered with writing.  Each session is loosely structured into three segments: discussing what participants have read and recommend; writing from a prompt, critiquing previous writing, or a brief writing lesson, and sharing of personal writing or writing of others.



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